MONSTRANCE is the brainchild of Carlo Regadas, former lead guitar player with grind gods CARCASS, post CARCASS outfit BLACKSTAR and DEVOID. Following his tenures with CARCASS and BLACKSTAR, Carlo continued to write and record music, mainly for his own enjoyment.

In 2013, after a stint living in the Canary Islands, Carlo returned to the UK and met up with old friend and former DEVOID band mate Tony Glover. Tony had recently unearthed some never-released material of Carlo’s, some of which was penned during his tenure with CARCASS.  Upon hearing this material again and realising the strength of the songs, Carlo sent the material to some trusted, musically-minded friends for their opinion - the response was nothing short of astounding!

On the back of this enthusiasm, although reluctant at first, Carlo was urged to send the material to several established record labels, who also responded extremely positively and were very keen to hear more.

Carlo decided to approach some old friends and fellow musicians from the original Death Metal scene and decided to put together a full lineup, although at first, the intention was just to record an album as a studio project. Such was the friendship, camaraderie and enthusiasm for the project, the decision was quickly made to become a full time band.

Carlo’s focus in recruiting band mates was not to look for big-name musicians from the genre with previous credentials but rather to source like-minded individuals who were also very accomplished musicians.

The vocal position was immediately filled by Tony, building on their long-standing friendship, previous experience with DEVOID and long-held ambition to do a further project together.  Tony has honed his vocal delivery since the DEVOID era, now projecting a unique blend of power, clear diction and articulation. Such is the power of Tony’s delivery, the mic level during the vocal demo sessions had to be backed off by -20db!

Nick Barker has recently joined the line-up. He needs no introduction having played in BENEDICTION, CRADLE OF FILTH and DIMMU BORGIR amongst many others!

Serbian-born Aleksandar Kokai, from Liverpool band CRUSH DEPTH EXPERIMENT, was recruited on bass. A supremely talented and technically gifted bass played who will provide energy and heaviness to a rhythm section of dynamism and power.

The lineup is bolstered further with the addition of yet another old friend, and former ORNAMENT guitar player, Steven Hargraves, who completes the band’s live line-up on second guitar. Carlo and Steven have worked closely together to forge a tight, melodic and crushing guitar duo, guaranteed to turn heads in the live setting.

Music-wise, MONSTRANCE cannot be easily pigeon-holed. As far as the band is concerned, it’s just Metal, albeit with down-tuned guitars and extreme vocals. The music is as crushingly heavy as it is melodic and catchy. Carlo’s original demos have now finally been completed with the addition of Tony’s savage vocal attack, perfectly showcasing the quality and originality of the material.

Since the recent announcement of the band’s inception, the level of interest and the MONSTRANCE buzz is rapidly gaining momentum across the World Wide Web, in turn, alerting the attention of respected Metal magazines who have since reported about this exciting new group.

The band are now looking to secure a recording contract so they can unleash the album they truly feel the extreme Metal world has been missing for the last 20 years!



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